Who We Are

On August 17th 2007, FIRST 5 Santa Clara County organized a meeting with agencies as well as individuals throughout the county to convene and develop the Fatherhood/Male Involvement Collaborative of Santa Clara County.

Our Vision

The roles of fathers and males in the lives of children, families, and the community are recognized, nurtured, strengthened, and celebrated.

Our Mission

The Santa Clara County Fatherhood/Male Involvement Collaborative is a community resource, which advocates for policies and standards that promote the importance of fatherhood and male involvement for the healthy development of men, fathers and families.

What We Do

The Santa Clara County Fatherhood/Male Involvement Collaborative focuses on these six core goals:

  • 1. Improve access to parenting information and support services for fathers.

  • 2. Increase public awareness of and advocacy for the importance of fatherhood/male.

  • 3. Increase access to quality father-child activities that support healthy child development.

  • 4. Provide down payment assistance and loan prequalification for housing.

  • 5. Improve access to educational and employment opportunities for fathers.

  • 6. Enhance the community's capacity to better serve fathers/men who provide care to children prenatal through age 5.